Portfolio Problems 7.21.22

Who was going to tell me I needed to write a blog? I've always wanted to write one but I did not know I would need one to become a front end web developer. I was always told I was a good writer. It started with my 6th grade teacher ( who taught us many subjects including English) and we had to create a spooky story. My teacher loved it SO much she told my parents that I should be a writer. 10 years later and I am still not a writer. I would write short stories about my favorite television and movie characters but it never got anywhere serious. I read a lot of books. A lot a lot of books. I have always thought I could be a writer (like an author author) but I always got stuck. I could never pull my ideas all into one headspace. Everything seemed so scattered. I didn't know how to make things fit.

I especially did not know how to make things fit while making this portfolio. I was originally using Google sites to host my online portfolio. I thought I just had to put something on the internet. When meeting with a friend over coffee, she immediately told me to get off Google sites and to make my own. I have only been doing code alongs up until now. How was I supposed to make my own website?

A lot of trial an error, that's how. I spent many hours frustrated at my screen and my boyfriend (who was only trying to help) while trying to figure out the HTML + CSS of my website. I am currently in the beginning stages of JavaScript and was too overwhelmed to continue watching the videos from my course. I felt like I needed to do some hands on work. I was told I should do some work from the FreeCodeCamp website. As I am writing this, I haven't touched the site because I am/was so frustrated trying to make this website. Without the calm and collected supportive significant other, I probably would have stopped coding all together.

I am someone who tries to go too hard too fast. I get so excited to try something new and I forget I have to fail first. With all I've learned from my web development practice, I have to try and try again. I can't see my errors right away and I don't have someone telling me what's right or wrong. I have to continue to keep myself in check. I won't learn if I have someone else check my work 24/7. I will only learn through practice, practice, a strong will, and more practice.

This is probably the first and most interesting blog post you will read (based off the title and alliteration) but I hope you continue to learn more about me as my posts go on. I felt pretty good getting my frustrations out through my HTML page in Visual Studio Code. Probably put more emotions into this post than my notes to prepare for my biweekly therapy.

Thanks for listening

☁ Alina Andino