Imposter Syndrome 7.25.22

What the h-e-double hockey sticks am I doing here? I can't code. It's too hard. Why am I trying? I didn't get my degree in anything remotely near this. Can I really do this? Who knows? I am here aren't I? I have been on and off with coding since January of this year. I was really good about it then I got really sick with a sinus infection. Then a major surgery. Then existential dread about my future. Then back to making this website. I have zero idea what I want to do. As I write this, I am unsure if I really want to continue to code. It is not as hard as I thought it would be but it's definitely not easy.

Yeah sure I know how to link things to this text. Here's an image of I can also link the color palete from that I used to make this website pretty.

I have a notebook FULL of notes from my Web Development Bootcamp course, but as I flip through it, I feel like I forgot everything. It's like I didn't learn a thing the past few months. Who was going to tell me it's okay to look things up? To utilize the free resources like YouTube or Reddit? To ask for help? I wouldn't know until I asked for help myself.

I know how to make this button but don't fully know how to make it work. Like I said I can make certain words magically take you to some cool pages but I am still learning the ins and outs of Javascript.

This one will probably be a shorter blog post. I am going through my notes and can't figure out what other cool stuff I can show you. I'll just have to wait until I start doing more of my own projects and code alongs. Stay tuned!

Thanks for listening

☁ Alina Andino