Free Code Camp 7.30.22

I have stepped away from my video course for a little bit and now am utilizing I have found that this way of learning is WAY easier for me than the videos at this time. I like being “taught” by the videos and having a teacher but I am finding it is way easier for me to check my work as I go. I am used to learning with a clear answer. In my undergraduate career, psychology and communication studies had basically yes or no answers. What is classical conditioning? It is… and that was it. It didn’t have multiple answers to one problem. I don’t know how to wrap my brain around the idea that if I get something wrong, I have to go over my code and see what else I can do differently. I am so used to “if I get it wrong, the answer is clearly this” but with coding, the answer isn’t so clear. What seems logical to my brain is not always logical for the computer. If I miss a “/” for a closing tag, it is literally the end of the world. Then I spend the next 20 minutes wondering “what am I doing wrong?” when it is literally a “spelling” error. I am currently working on the New Responsive Web Design certification from and I am LOVING it. I am relearning and reviewing content I have learned in my video courses while also learning new tips and tricks to make my HTML a lot smoother. It is teaching me that I HAVE to go line by line and really pay attention to my words and code. It often stumps me. I have spent many minutes frustrated, staring at my code, and on the verge of rage quitting the assignment. It has been so long since I have been challenged and have had to learn something from scratch. I love the challenge and love all the resources I have been able to utilize. I know these code alongs will help me with the creation of my website and future projects. What have I learned so far? Thanks for asking! I have learned about so many elements (show screencaps of elements and screencap of projects) I learned about attributes back in March, and if you had asked me yesterday what it was I definitely couldn’t tell you. What I did learn was that “HTML attributes are special words used inside the opening tag of an element to control the element’s behavior. For example, a src (source) in img (image) element specifies the image’s URL (where the image is located)”. It also is a self closing tag^ so I don’t need “” All image attributes should have an “alt” attribute to make it more accessible and useable for screen readers. Another attribute I had to relearn was the action attribute. An action attribute “indicates where form data should be sent. Example:

I have learned about placeholder text (insert image)

Emphasis element (insert picture)

And how to turn an image into a link (insert linked image)

Thanks for listening

☁ Alina Andino