Technical Skills

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript


Email & Phone Communication

Community Outreach & Social Media Engagement

Loomly & Later

Here's all you need to know about why I am a great addition to your organization + community

+ I am an active listener

+ I am a collaborative communicator

+ I am empathetic and open minded

+ I am ready and willing to learn anything you throw my way

What am I up to now?


picture of isaiah, alina's boyfriend

"Alina is the best partner I could ever have. I'm actually the one who got her into web development. I love her. 5/5 stars -Isaiah Perez"

alina's dog kirby

"Alina is the greatest mom I could ever have. Could use more pets though. 4/5 stars -Kirby Andino"

stock photo of future employer

"So glad to have Alina on my staff. She is creative, collaborative, motivated, and a great asset to our team 6/5 stars. -Future Employer"

I want to amplify the voices of those who don't always have the platform or safe space to communicate. In my future career, I want to work with an organization and be a part of a community that cares about its people, actively listens, and communicates collaboratively to make their mission and community stronger.